2002 Legislature – The Players

2002 Georgia Legislature: The Players

  • Byline: James Salzer, Staff
  • Date: 01-13-2002
  • Publication: The Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • Edition: Home
  • Section: @issue
  • Page: B.4

The General Assembly has only 40 working days to consider thousands of pieces of legislation and pass a state budget, but insiders at the Statehouse know where to go to get things done. Below is a partial list of some of the players in the General Assembly:

Tom Boller and Russell Sewell

The have had an “A list” team, representing the cable TV industry, the State Bar, BlueCross/BlueShield, Sun Microsystems, AGL Resources, Ticketmaster, BP Amoco, Cingular, and Scientific Games. Their clients are interested in all kinds of major business regulation issues, from gas deregulation to ticket scalping. Sewell served as chief legal counsel to then-Governer Joe Frank Harris before becoming a lobbyist