April 5, 2019

The General Assembly adjourned sine die around midnight on April 2.  This is the first term of the two-term session so all bills that did not pass will be available for the 2020 session.  All bills on House and Senate Rules calendars that were not acted on will go back to the last committee that passed them.

Major bills that passed this session include $3000 pay increases for public school teachers (in the 2020 budget), legislation setting up a structure for licensing in-state medical marijuana growers and dispensers, changes in the CON law to allow expansion of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) hospital, more transparency regarding nonprofit hospitals, a bill allowing Governor Kemp to seek federal waivers for limited state expansion of Medicaid, legislation to limit abortions, creation of a statewide business court, and a bill that would allow telephone co-ops and EMCs to provide broadband service in an effort to expand access in rural areas.

Several major bills that have been featured in the press but did not pass include the jet fuel sales tax exemption, legislation recommending that the state either takeover or create an oversight commission for the state’s airports including the Atlanta airport, and the comprehensive statewide transit and transportation funding bill.

In the third election for House District 28, after judges threw out election results from two previous disputed elections, Chris Erwin was the clear winner with 75% of the vote.  He defeated former state Rep. Dan Gasaway.