While it is crucial to have experienced help in negotiating your way through the intricacies of the legislative process, it is just as important to have expert help in navigating through what is often a complex procurement process.  Capitol Partners has successfully assisted clients in securing state and local government contracts.

Because campaigns are a vital part of the government process for elected officials, our firm offers consulting services regarding political contributions.  Capitol Partners will work with the client to develop employee political education and awareness programs.

We also offer consulting services to help clients establish in-house government affairs capabilities and consult with them on structure, staffing and reporting for their government affairs organization.

Capitol Partners offers additional consulting services that complement its governmental relations services and provide clients with a full range of integrated government affairs services.

  • State and Local Government Procurement Consulting
  • Consultation on Political Contributions
  • Consultation on “In-House” Government Affairs Departments
  • Employee Political Awareness and Education Programs